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Foot and Ankle Interview – 398

Dr. Greaser strives to offer all available treatment options to his patients based on their individual goals and expectations. His philosophy is to rehabilitate patients without surgery first if possible. For patients requiring surgery, he provides surgical treatment options which allow the quickest return to activity.

A member of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Greaser is a team physician for the University of Houston athletics and serves as foot and ankle consultant for athletics at the University of St. Thomas and Houston Baptist University.

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Find Out Why You Should Use Ankle Braces – 197

Brett McQueen is a research nerd.  He enlightens us on some of the most current data supporting using tape and the support for using a brace.
Discussion topics:

Tell us about some of the research you have been studying of in regards to bracing or taping
What different variables did you look at in taping?
How about bracing?
How can you create a control for an ankle taping
How has this information been received athletic trainers, Coaches / Parents?
Where there any style or brand recommendations for braces?
What can we do to help spread the current understanding of the brace tape argument?

Contact Brett McQueen:
Twitter: @bmcqueen42
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed

How to treat and manage injuries in Soccer – 192

Soccer season often produces as many injured athletes as football season.  To gear up we are speaking with some of the best Athletic Trainers in soccer.

Dawn Stuckey – Rice Owls
Theron Enns – Houston Dynamo
Bobby Wisenberger – Charleston Battery

What are preventable injuries in soccer and how can we prevent them?
Best practices for rehabbing Soccer injuries
Top tips for preventing and treating cramps
Sports specific rehab

Show Notes 192