Ginny Garner is improving AT in Cali – 472

Is anyone improving Athletic Training in California?

Ginny Garner is a regional manager for The ATvantage, an AT placement service now serving California and Arizona.

She discusses some of her journey and some of the positive impact they are making in California, currently the least Athletic Trainer friendly state.

Ginny Garner; podcast lounge; ATVantage; NATA 2018; New Orleans

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“When Ginny Garner’s full-time industrial position was no longer fitting her needs, she began to look outside the box and found part-time work with ATvantage.
This opportunity, her passion for athletic training, and for raising her family has led her on a unique journey to where she is today as the Regional Manager for ATvantage.”
Check out the blog article ATVantage did on her as they highlight women in AT.

Where are we?

We are broadcasting live from the 2018 NATA expo in New Orleans.
We used Facebook live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live and even periscope to stream as many of the NATA 2018 Expo Interviews as possible.
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Eating Disorders in Athletic Training – 424

Courage – the ability to do something that frightens you

Catherine Lawrence has an eating disorder.  She asked me to do a podcast about the subject.  She shares her story about lying, purging, passing out, going to rehab, relapsing, and the constant struggle with not demonizing food.

Getting behind the mic, on camera and sharing your story takes courage.  in the video she can be seen shaking because of the fear.  But she continues to tell her story.

We are joined by experts Dr. Carrie McAdams and Jennifer Nagel.

Show Notes



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Many Faces of Ankle Sprains with Dr. Blevins – 103

Many Faces of Ankle Sprains with Dr. Blevins – 103

Thanks to Morgan Wilson Music and JJ Worthen for allowing us to use parts of their songs.

Here is our interview with Dr. Kelly Blevins.  Since this recording comes from a live conference, some elements are lost due to lack of visual props and some crowd noise can be heard.  The stellar content more than makes up for the difference in sound quality.

Bob Marley allowed us to record and interview the guests of the Memorial Hermann 13th Annual Sports Medicine Update.  In the course of two days we conducted about 24 interviews, streamed live for about 16 hours, and had a lot of help from Dr. Josh Yellen, Dr. Mark Knoblauch, Bill Hale, former student / future Athletic Trainer Jazmin Dozal, and current SAT Sarah Avina.

Masters of Athletic Training at U of H