Publishing a Book – 558

Dr. Mark Knoblauch and Dr. Jeff Konin join forces to teach us about publishing a book.

I am an AT, I Can't Publish a Book

This is pretty much the statement I said to Dr. Knoblauch when he suggested the topic.

But then he mentioned our adoption story. we now have experience with the system, emotions, training, rejections.

Sometimes publishing a book is only to have your story written down.

Others it is to entertain someone

Furthermore others are written for education.

Some of the discussion topics:

  • Book idea conception and design (when/how to turn a thought into a book)
  • Publishing process
  • Getting a publisher and/or agent
  • What is involved (writing, editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, obtaining reviews)
  • Expenses involved for self-publishing (cover design, ISBN, etc.)

Why Dr. Konin and Knoblauch?

Dr. Konin has a little experience…

  • Author of 24 published textbooks, actively working on writing 3 textbooks now
  • Books have been translated in Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean
  • Special Tests for Orthopedic Examination in its 5th Edition, Allied Health Best Seller first published in 1997
  • Author of 30 textbook chapters
  • Has published for Slack, Human Kinetics, Elsevier, and self-published

Dr. Knoblauch owns a publishing company

As previously discussed on Imbalances and Disequilibrium, Dr. Mark Knoblauch owns a small publishing company.

  • Certified as an athletic trainer since 1996, as CSCS since 1997, and licensed as LAT since 1999.
  • PhD in Kinesiology, Post-doc in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 2012
  • Ten published books, several in development
  • Published book topics include vestibular disorders, special diets, running, time management
  • Publishing includes both self-published (print-on-demand) and direct-to-publisher

Contact Us

Dr. Jeff Konin –

Dr. Mark Knoblauchmaknobla@Central.UH.EDU

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Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard – 425

Justin Buzzard is an Author, Speaker, Pastor and most importantly Husband and Father.  In his book Date Your Wife he charges men to really look at marriage as the ultimate call to action, life long action, daily intentional action.

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After reading the book and implementing some of the practices I asked a few Athletic Trainers to read it and apply it to their marriage.

Vidal Mora commented-
Dating your wife means to guard and cultivate her, the little stuff such as watching the kid and letting her go get some coffee alone, go for a walk, watch a tv show alone without interruptions is dating your wife, for you try to take some time together send your child to a babysitter and spend time with your wife alone in your house. I know first hand things can get sometimes overwhelming with life (wife/kids/work), humans need that alone time in my opinion, because sometimes my wife and I can't even remember our lives before kids.

Josh Dawsey writes:
This book, even though I'm still finishing it, has really adjusted my view of my marriage, and how I view Stephanie. It has laid out some tough challenges, but in the coming new year I want to be more intentional at dating my wife. The book showed me that there needs to be a strong foundation and then I need even stronger pillars to support my wife, my son, and our marriage. Hopefully throughout this journey of marriage and dating we rekindle some flames that have died and set ablaze some fires already there. Lastly, I want my young son to see a great example of how he should pursue his future spouse and how to treat her once he marries. Thank you for including me in this time together and I hope we can keep chatting about how our journeys are going.


JustinBuzzard on Twitter

Resources from Justin:

Justin’s Amazon Page

Show Notes

YouTube Video