Hot Springs Arkansas – SWATA 2024

Hot Springs Arkansas is the place to be in July 2024. Keith Shireman and the Arkansas Athletic Trainers Association will host SWATA outside of Texas for the first time in years.

SWATA is the largest attended district meeting.

Next year Keith and the team in Arkansas hope to make SWATA 2024 the newest record holder for SWATA attendance.

Why come to Hot Springs?

It is a family-friendly place.

Three lakes

Hot Springs

Lots of hiking and biking trails

I love coming to SWATA because:

Interacting with Texas folks.


Great topics

Fun entertainment

What else about SWATA in 2024:

There will be plenty of places to eat

Bath Houses

National Park

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Jeremy Jackson

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Mobile Sports Medicine Units with Keith Shireman – 427

Keith Shireman, AT for Batesville Pioneers in Arkansas was the recipient of close to $70,000 worth of Mobile Sports Medicine Unit donations.  He has a 28 foot “bumper pull” trailer and a new truck to pull it with.

This did not just fall in his lap though.  He has been building relationships for years in his community and taking people up on their “if you ever need help” offers.

YouTube Video of our interview with Keith

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