Diversity and Inclusion – Dr. Himmons

Dr. Mercedes Himmons believes the Diversity and Inclusion committees of her state organization are doing a really good job. She has worked hard to set the example and is now leading in the PATS organization

Dr. Himmons, if I walked down the hall of your parents’ house what would the pictures tell me about you?

I am sassy, always wore dresses and I am family-oriented.

What levels of education do your family members have?

I am a first-generation college graduate.

You have been traveling the world and Cairo on a camel at sunset was one of your highlights. Tell me more. 

Dream trips:

Paris and Rome

Turks and Caicos

What is your favorite thing about athletic training and sports medicine?


What is our working definition of diversity?

Having multiple people regardless of background all in the same place.

Make sure all of those people are heard and seen and their perspective is taken into account.

How about inclusion?

The word belonging is a good fit instead of inclusion.

What would you like to see from the local, district, and national levels within the profession?

PATS is doing a good job of trying to close the gap.

Racism is a public health issue

Be good humans to each other

The majority of our patient population as ATs is nonwhite but the majority of the ATs are white, so there is some disconnect.

Show that you are willing to learn and understand.

You are the NATA president. What would your platform be on diversity and inclusion for the profession? What about for NATA as an association?

First I would like to take the temperature of the room.

Everyone matters and should have a voice.

Keep the patient at the center of our focus.

Listening to understand and not just to reply.

What is some advice you would give companies looking to diversify? What about MSAT programs?

It would depend on the demographic

Retention is very important, what are you doing to keep the diversity?

Anything you would like to say to listeners that want to be an ally. What would you like to see or hear?

People need to know that they are going to step in and do the right thing to help eradicate the negative behavior.

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