Easy Shoulder Evals – 640

Dr. Ralph “Bud” Curtis goes live with Easy Shoulder Evals from Trinity University's Sports Medicine Symposium 2020.

About Dr. Curtis:

  • 15 Years as being recognized as a Texas Super Doctor. Dr. Curtis has been recognized every year since 2005.
  • Fellowship-trained shoulder surgeon
  • Board of Directors, THSCA Professional Development Curriculum
  • 30 years, UIW
  • UIW Sports Hall of Fame
  • Shoulder consultant: S.A. Spurs, UTSA, Trinity Univ., UIW
  • Hall of Honor THSCA
  • Hall of Honor Southwest Athletic Trainers Association
  • Author of multiple book chapters on shoulder injuries
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, UT Health
Easy Shoulder Evals


Needs to be quick and reproducible

Make sure it is age-based and know what is most likely for each age group

Understand traumatic vs non-traumatic

HS to the college level is most likely instability

Sitting fashion helps them relax

Try not to fight them

Find out the background before ever touching the patient

Then the provocative tests

Sulcus test

Load and shift – generalized laxity, not traumatic instability

Neer impingement test is a pretty lousy test

Hawkins impingement test

Anterior apprehension for anterior instability

Posterior instability including the jerk test

AC joint pathology is going to be painful so it confuses the test

Palm down O’brien’s test for SLAP

Anterior dislocation – check to see if there is good smooth motion internally and externally

Posterior instability the converse is true.

These often get missed because they look normal until follow up with ortho.

Once dislocation is reduced check for full internal and external rotation.


Look at ROM 

Click test is something that can be beneficial


Empty can is often normal due to deltoid 

Arm inside external rotation

Stinger / Burner


Deltoid weakness

External rotators weak

Possibly weak biceps

C7 cervical disk

Strong delts and biceps

Triceps are totally weak

C8 is ok (can keep fingers spread)

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