Sales Success as an AT

Casey Paulk has experienced Sales Success as an Athletic Trainer. Not because he was naturally gifted but because he knows what an AT is and does and continues to work hard to help meet the needs of Athletic Trainers.

Sales Success with Casey Paulk

What were some exposures you had to sales as a kid?

First time I had sales success was as an intern in the Texas Rangers AAA as a bullpen catcher.

I had to convince and prove to the staff I was qualified for the job.

I was able to help the Athletic Training staff more and the team more.

I also had to sell my services as an AT Skiatook Middle School as an AT and science teacher.  They had never had an Athletic Trainer before.

What was your first job ever?

Garage door warehouse grunt.

I worked in the Oklahoma summer heat hauling garage doors.

It was a grind and hard work.  It helped me succeed in my career as an Athletic Trainer and now in my career in sales with Sway

What does the life of an AT Sales Success person look like?

So now with my sales job I still work a lot of hours but I can set a few more boundaries.

I wake up early to check emails and line up my day.

Take care of personal business and spend time with the family.

Start making phone calls to Athletic Trainers (I do not call when they are sleeping or doing morning treatments)

Why do you love the sales side of AT?

Serving the Athletic Trainers and helping them return their athletes safely to participation.

I cover 14 states as a sales rep so I have a lot of phone calls and emails to get out.

The same process of evaluating an injury as an AT has helped me have sales success.

Athlete: “Hey, my knee hurts.”

AT: “Tell me what happened, when did it start hurting, what makes it better, what makes it worse?”

Athlete: answers questions…

Athletic trainer: perform tests and evaluates the next steps needed

Athlete: “I do not think that will work for me… or ok let’s do it”

It is the same with sales.

To the AT who is on the fence, what would you say?

Reach out to an AT in sales and tell them you are interested.

See if you can do some part time work in sales of any sort.

Go shadow Casey for a day or week and see what it is like.

There are jobs out there but unless you tell people you are looking for one they will not know.

Golden Rule for Sales Success:

Look to help and serve your customers and be sure you believe in the product.

Houston Methodist, Official Healthcare provider of Pasadena ISD just signed up with SWAY.    

Call to action:

Reach out to Casey Paulk at Sway for questions about sales, life in Oklahoma, or basically any product that can help your patients get better.

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LLC Update with Jeremy and Adam – 552

Time has past since the first meeting…

Are ATs Allowed to have LLCs?

Rob and Casey are both ATs who have an LLC.

Since this conversation I have met dozens of ATs who own an LLC.

One of them is Adam Halpern owner and CEO of Innovate AT

What are we talking about?

I want to get an LLC update to see how it is shaping up for each of them.

What lessons they have learned

The tips they have for newbies

Organizational tools

Tips on productivity

Contact Us:

Adam Halpern –

Jeremy Jackson

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