Cramping Research – 574

World renown researcher and heat illness expert Dr. Sandra Fowkes-Godek returns to discuss Cramping Research.

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Anything heat illness…Dr. Fowkes-Godek is your expert

In our last conversation…

Dr. Fowkes-Godek covered a lot about blood levels, potassium overdoes, salt testing, IVs and ideal intake temperature.

Blood Chloride is one of the only things that changes during active cramps.

Mike McKenney mentioned it does not matter what science you have in the drink if it stay on the shelf or in the bottle. Cramping Research has to take into account the taste or drink-ability of the product or it is virtually useless.

Chloride, Chloride, Chloride

We keep pushing salt tablets and salty drinks.

Current cramping science research shows sodium and potassium levels to be the same before, during and after a cramp, yes during a full-body cramp they draw blood.

There are a few problems:
1. Chloride content is not on labels
2. Chloride requires a carrier like sodium, potassium or magnesium

Potassium can actually be toxic in the blood at high levels

So how do we get more Blood Chloride??

Mediterranean diets typically contain a high level


Feta Cheese

What about hot sauce?

It is similar to pickle juice in that it create a pharyngeal response.

But use caution as people who have been heavily exercising might not take kindly to hot sauce in their stomachs. If they start puking then you are compounding issues.

Are you Feeling Slushy????

Alyssa Brown asked about Thermoregulation and Cramping in the last podcast with Dr. Miller but we did not get to it.

Dr. Fowkes-Godek discusses how they keep a slushy machine in the facility for warm weather practices to help pre-lower the core body temperature.

Cramping Science research shows that the ones who get hot faster peak faster, finish slower and are more likely to cramp.

If you really want to make friends then get some Levelen and a slushy machine and have your players can perform better during warm temp games and practices.

Who's article is Dr. Fowkes-Godek reading?

Dr. Kevin Miller

Dr. Martin Schwellnus

other than that it is pretty lonely in the cramp world

Check the Facebook Live video

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