Promoting Your Program to Your Student Body – 429

Chris Shaddock is my Guru for promoting your Sports Medicine Program.  He works hard, has great ideas and great support.  He is a guy in Athletic Training you want to try and be like.

Greg Goerig and Casey Lougheed work together at Midloathian Heritage High School and are building a reputable and respected program for Sports Medicine.

The biggest takeaway for promoting your program is getting kids who can really meet high standards and represent your program well.  Once you have a core group of high quality student helpers then they will promote your program naturally.

Some of our other ideas:

Scavenger Hunt
Big NATM promotions
Elected officials creating proclamations for NATM
Inter-school competitions
Mass Physicals
Mass CPR training
Regular presence on the Junior High campus


Chris Shaddock

Greg and Casey

From NATA PR chair Jamie Woodall:


Jason Cates discusses SSATC 371

Jason Cates joins Chris Shaddock to discuss upcoming changes to the role of athletic training and how the NATA is shaping the future of the Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer Committee.
We are broadcasting live from the 2017 NATA expo in Houston Texas.
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Justifying Your Value as an Athletic Trainer – 316

Forrest Pecha was part of a research team that took data from one part time athletic trainer in a high school.  They calculated the dollar value patients would have paid if the services provided were billed to an insurance company under the accountable care model.

The article was published in NATA News

Chris Shaddock has accomplished many thing to advance athletic training at his high school.  He is a great resource for improving your position in Athletic Training

Dr. Josh Yellen helps us to think bigger about athletic training and to really question the status qua.

In summary:
Clearly define your goal
Gather information to support your objective
Keep gathering info and speaking with different people
Learn what is important at each level of administration
Prepare to fail many times (sometimes for years)
Find ways to educate everyone about what you do (without complaining / whining)

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Show Notes 316

one part time athletic trainers billable treatments

Awesome SAT programs with Allen ISD and Chris Shaddock – 120

How to run a great student Athletic Trainer Program with Chris Shaddock and Mary Lynn Miller – 120.

Chris has been doing a lot to promote Athletic Training.  His kids, school and community believe in what the team behind the team does.  He joins us to share ways we can all be more like him.

Mary Lynn Miller Joins us via Skype from Allen ISD in Allen, Texas.  They have over 70 SATs, all girls.  They have some pretty strict requirements to make it to the varsity level.  Dealing with all those high school girls there are countless stories of drama.

Listen as each of them shares ways they have succeeded in create great student athletic trainer programs.

Thanks to  JJ Worthen for allowing us to use his music.

Show notes for Episode 120

Masters of Athletic Training at U of H