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Funny Concussion Stories with Dr. Burkhart – 516

Want to hear a funny story? Dr. Burkhart has some for you.

Every AT has funny injury stories.  Rob is a walking story.  Dr. Scott Burkhart has tons of stories.  These two together had a great time telling funny concussion stories of patients they have seen.
Concussion Stories; Scott Burkhart; Rob McFarlin
Dr. Scott Burkhart sees about 500 concussion patients per month so he has some stories.
This session is a great listen just for the funny stories.

Do you have some Concussion Stories?

We would love to hear yours so hit me up on social media or email and we will plan to tell your story in a future episode.
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Quidditch Athletic Training – 449

Annie Nalepa comes back to the Podcast Lounge with Dr. Nicole Wilkins to discuss what they are seeing in Quidditch.  Yes the broomstick flying, snitch chasing, Harry Potter fanatic game.  Lots of injuries with little follow up care as this is a club sport at best for most schools.
We are broadcasting live from the 2018 NATA expo in New Orleans.
We used Facebook live to stream as many of the NATA 2018 Expo Interviews as possible.
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Concussions – Anything New? – 326

Concussions get a lot of press, but we are still learning so much and having to educate parents, teachers, coaches , athletes and ER doctors even more.  Dr. Podell and Cathy Supak of Houston Methodist Hospital join us to speak about recent advances in concussion management, current best practices and where the research is pointing us.

Show Notes 325

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Gender differences in Concussion with Donna Broshek 232

Image result for window 

Donna Broshek has been researching different theories on why the female concussions patients in general take a day longer to heal and report more symptoms.  Here Cat McGill interviews here to find out a little more.

Cat McGill

Donna Broshek

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Concussion Management a Physicians Point of View 225

Bert Vargas manages Acute and Post- Acute concussions in all level of athletes at the Mayo clinic . Here he shares the physicians perspective of managing a concussion in the pre-conference of the Sports Neuropsychology Society Annual Conference.


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Sub-Symptommatic Post-Concussion Exercise – 199

National concussion authority Dr. Summer Ott, PhD brings Chris Shields, DPT to discuss a relatively new treatment option for concussions that are taking extended periods of time.  Keeping the heart rate below 60% of the max HR can improve patient function and help them move towards normalizing.

Discussion topics:
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Teeth and Sports with Dr. Mark McGrath – 75

Dr. Mark McGrath has been working on teeth for over 30 years.  He shares with us what do do in dental emergencies, basic tips for keeping your teeth healthy and why he has cookies in his office.


Show Notes