Crisis Etiquette

Bubba Wilson discusses Crisis Behavior or Crisis Etiquette live from the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update. He has been leading D6 in ATsCare since its inception and has learned a lot over the years.

Crisis Behavior, Bubba Wilson

Discussion topics: 

Did crisis management help you be prepared for being inducted into the SWATA Hall of Fame?

AT Cares drove me there.

CCISM credential:

Certified Critical Incident Stress Management – Level 1 deals with individuals in crisis, the majority of AT Cares population. Level 2 deals with groups in crisis. 

Began Crisis Management training in 2019. 

AT’s managing grief:

Grief comes in at a later time, ATs have to finish the game/event after a critical injury/event.

AT Cares reaches out once notified to ensure assistance is provided where needed

NATA Gather Program Integration:

Young professionals can use NATA’s gather program to find mentors. 

Crisis on campus – what is the best method to find that definite grief to counsel them?

Don’t counsel them. Listen. Refer out. 

Soapbox Warning – What is step 1 in managing the secondary loss of loved ones?

Have affairs in order. Have a will, have life insurance. Have your burial wishes written down. Have the conversation. Have a list of your account usernames and passwords. Know how many death certificates you may need. Legal Zoom is a good resource. Make sure you constantly update your affairs. The primary loss will be exacerbated if we don’t handle our affairs. 

Currently working on a presentation with AT Cares members regarding their experiences with loss and what they’ve learned along the way.

Thanks, Sydney Hayes for creating the Crisis Behavior show notes

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Crisis Behavior, HOIST

AT Cares Program – 347

Still in its infancy the ATCares program being rolled out by the NATA is a phenomenal resource that has been long over due.  I am excited to be a part of the program and have been a helping hand in Bubba Wilson being asked to be the district 6 representative.

Here we focus on the reason for this, basic tips and the effects it has had so far.

My one big take away: Say “I've been in a similar situation” instead of “I know how you feel” because you truly do not know how that person feels.

In case you missed my story here is the full episodes where we dealt with the loss of an athlete.

Episode 135 – Full story, very raw emotions

Episode 190 – After Action Plan – a follow up to the story