Catastrophic Death and injury re-visited: an Action Plan – 190

In episode 135 – Tragedy, Death, Grief, Healing we were fresh off the loss of an athlete in which we performed life-saving skills.  We desire for each school to have an action plan in place to help the Athletic Trainers and coaches deal with the loss for the next 6 months, not just the next week.

Here is our action plan for you to submit to your district and have on file or in place before a catastrophic injury occurs.

Action Plan

Show Notes 190

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2 Replies to “Catastrophic Death and injury re-visited: an Action Plan – 190”

  1. Broadcast #190 pertaining to making an after care action plan, really stuck with me. In 2009 I had to do CPR on a 19 year old coach at the high school where I worked. He was clinically dead on the field for 22 minutes before EMS drove away. His future was unknown at the time. Fortunately, he survived after spending 3 days in ICU. Even though my patient did not have the same outcome as yours, I remember feeling some of the same feelings you talked about.
    In an issue of the NATA magazine in 2011, there was talk about putting together some sort of support group for, and consisting of, athletic trainers who have experienced this. From what I remember, it was written from the perspective of someone who had had an athlete die while under her care. I looked for this article last year and could not find it. I do believe a support group is something we need to have available in our profession though.
    Thank you for bringing light to this topic.

    1. thanks for the comment, I know I am a little slow in getting the document put together to send out, but we are planning on speaking with some people from up north that have created a Critical Incident Stress Management Team to support the healthcare provider.

      once we talk with them we hope to have a more solid plan

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