Polos and Khakis Live – 604

What would cause two young MAT students to start a podcast called Polos and Khakis?

Today on the SMB live from NATA 2019 Mike Hopper got a chance to ask Dan and Lizzy, co-founders of Polos and Khakis that and several other questions.

Lizzy says that the podcast started selfishly.  They were preparing for an exam from Dr. Rebecca Lopez at USF and she hadn’t studied enough.  She searched to find a podcast on the topic they were being tested on and she couldn’t find one.  Because they saw a need, they decided to create one.

What topics do they cover on Polos and Khakis?

Dan says they cover a lot of topics during their tenure.  Heat illness, concussion, spinal injuries and management, nutrition and ACL injuries are just a few.  They try to cover topics that can help AT’s refresh on their knowledge of situations and emergencies they may face and want to provide exposure to their listeners of the many directions AT’s can go.  

What’s coming up on the podcast?

Recently, Dan and Lizzy sat down with staff from Maryland to talk about the Jordan McNair tragedy and what we can learn from it and how we as AT’s move on from tragedy.  

ATs Care is a phenomenal service to help ATs process catastrophic loss and injury.

Future episodes include physicians and how best to build relationships with them and the Cirque Du Soleil AT’s.

What does the future hold for Polos and Khakis?

Dan and Lizzy hope to continue the podcast.  They want to be advocates for the profession and remind AT’s that they need to eat.  They don’t know where they will end up after graduation but with technology and their mentor Jeremy, who they are very grateful for, they hope to continue even if they are in different parts of the country.

Polos and Khakis Live

Watch Mike, Dan and Lizzy live at NATA 2019


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