Imaging and Sports Injuries – 624

What's the role of Imaging and Sports Injuries

Dr. Manickam “Nicks” Kumaravel, MD shares what the current and future role of imaging and sports injuries are at the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update.

Dr. Mark Knoblauch shares the mic as we are live in Katy, Texas learning.

Imaging and Sports Injuries

What is a normal day like for radiologists?

Most are sitting in front of a computer looking at images, coming up with a diagnosis, and sending them back.

Dr. Nicks has a unique set up as he has a viewing room in the middle of the ortho floor. He regularly gets out of the office to interact with doctors and patients.

He, at times, even scrubs in with the surgeons to help and learn.

How much info are you usually given with the images to make a diagnosis?

Usually one or two lines at most. This is part of the reason he gets out of the office to see and interact with the doctors.

“Garbage in gets garbage out” plays true in imaging and sports injuries too.

Are there specialties in radiology as well?

Absolutely, If Dr. Kumaravel were to get a neuro MRI he would be sending it right along.

Where are we headed with Imaging and sports injuries?

Clinical Skills need to be an emphasis in radiology education. We are moving away from using clinical skills and he believes it is showing in the results.

Continued improvement and growth. we are now able to see bone marrow edema with CT scans

Ultrasound is the next big wave in the United States. It is becoming an extension of the physical exam.

The hardest part about an AT using the US machine is knowing what it means and interpreting the results.

Cinematic renderings are amazing to see as well.

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