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No Backup Plan – 54

Sometimes I just have to let go and see what happens.  Our guest did not show, so I trusted my students and we just winged it for this episode, talking about our experiences, and about what we plan to do this year.

Welcome Back – 53

Memorial Hermann's Bubba Wilson joins us as the Co-Host this time as we break in the new students and talk about our summer at home and at the workshops.

We also talked briefly about professionalism and a new working philosophy from a quote inspired by Dr. James Andrews.


That’s A Wrap 3 – 52

Episode 52: That's A Wrap 3

Another successful year in the “books” for the SMB.  I hope we have improved the overall quality, appeal and entertainment of the show.  as always this is the place to reach us if you have someone or something you want to hear about.

Kinect with Rehab – 51

Episode 51 Kinect with Rehab

At their previous places of employment both Bubba Wilson and Cat Lawrence had an Xbox Kinect.  Ours has been open for about 2 weeks and have not used it for athletes yet.  They have most of the knowledge and insight, I am just the pretty face on this one.

I would recommend viewing the YouTube or Ustream video of this episode to watch the conversation.

Is It In You? – 41

Episode 41 Is It In You

Gatorade Market Development Associate Aaron talks about some of the history, facts, fiction and new products from the most widely known name in sports drinks.

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Gatorade Sports Science Institute

GHATS – Hosting the Nations Largest Free SAT workshop – 40

Episode 40 GHATS behind the scenes

Planning a workshop for over 1,000 high school students and 200 Athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals is not easy.  Catherine had a crash course and did a great job.  Hear her feedbackand advise.


A recent discovery in a Athletic Training room file cabinet at Dobie shows that they need to do some cleaning.  This is my senior picture from when i was a student Athletic Trainer…I graduated in 1999.

Jackson high school photo

Semester Wrap Up – 38

Episode 38 Semester Wrap Up

 We are wrapping up semester 1 and getting a feel for what helped the kids learn.  We are also using a couple of different setups so we can prepare for the eventual CEU credits that will be offered.

Athletic Training student Mary Spalding – 33

Episode 33 Boston Needs Some Help

Mary Spalding, a senior Athletic Training student in Colorado has a very interesting story that encouraged her to get into Athletic Training and encouraged her to seek admittance to medical school after graduation.

Slimming Down to Help Burned Kids – 32

Episode 32 Sliming down to Help Kids

Houston Firefighter Justin steps in for a discussion on how he dropped 20 pounds over the course of three months primarily by improving his diet.  He also helps us understand the purpose of the hard work: helping kids that have been forever changed by their burns.

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Welcome Back – 27

Episode 27 Welcome Back 2

Bacon Burger Dogs, Child Bike seats, new sports medicine students…this episode is a warmup, equipment test and introduction for new students all in one.  There is very little Sports Medicine content but some behind the scenes info about your host.