Nancy Burke – Women of AT – 537

A pioneer, innovator and hard worker, Nancy Burke has never been afraid of challenging the norms.

Her induction into the NATA Hall of Fame symbolizes how much change one person can make.

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Who is Nancy Burke?

  • Career spanning 4 decades
  • Certified in 1975
  • Eastern Kentucky Graduate Assistant
  • NATA Hall of Fame inductee
  • Pioneer
  • Innovator
  • Fairfax county Athletic Trainer for 28 years
  • Started Public Safety Athletic Trainer Society
  • 7 siblings with lots of nieces and nephews

What does retirement after 40 years of AT look like?

Nancy says she…

Played golf

spent some time on her pontoon boat

but that led to…boredom

How does Nancy Burke continue to grow as an AT?

  • Surround myself with forward thinking people. ATs who ask “What will Athletic Training look like in 10 years, 20 years?”
  • Getting her NPI number and advocating all ATs to get theirs.
  • AT Journals and publications
  • Reading up on various State Practice Acts
  • Building relationships with local ATs
  • Attend state and national meetings
  • Collaborate with both older and younger ATs

What are Nancy Burke's top moments in Athletic Training?

Receiving the phone call to be inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame.

Building lasting relationships with students / parents

Getting a phone call from Marjorie “Marje” Albohm requesting that Nancy be a speaker for the national meeting.

Discuss a low point in your career?

Working as the GA for Eastern Kentucky Nancy Burke was expected to be the next hire for the female At position.

She was not hired for that position

This made Nancy questions who she was, what she wanted to do and why she wanted to do it.

Ultimately after a few days in hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains she figured out she wanted to make an impact at the high school level and with 4 months that is where she was working.

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