Going Fully Digital with EMRs – 620

Hesitant about going Fully Digital with your EMR?

John Ciecko has been hesitant, mostly about what it looks like to go fully digital, so we set up a meeting of the minds.

Going Fully Digital with EMR; DragonFly Max; John Ciecko; Danny Barringer; Chris Dean

Have you been thinking about moving from paperwork to an EMR in your athletic training practice?

If you answered yes, you will want to listen to today’s show.  Both Danny Barringer and Christopher Dean recently switched to EMR’s and today on pod they will highlight the benefits and help you navigate the roadblocks.

Why should AT’s move to this fully digital model?

Ease, portability, security, and accessibility.  As AT’s we are often not seated at our desk during the day.  Moving to an EMR allows us to access information as well as enter information whenever and wherever we need to.

How did you decide which EMR to utilize?

It’s important to research the available EMR’s but before you even get to that point identify what is important to you and your stakeholders in the EMR’s capabilities.  

Danny researched and found that DragonFly Max offered everything he needed as an outreach director at a hospital with multiple schools and sports.

Chris was introduced to NextGen when the orthopedic practice merged with a hospital that already utilized an EMR.  While NextGen didn’t have a lot of what he felt AT’s needed, the IT department was able to customize NextGen to make it more useful for the athletic trainer.

How do you get buy-in or navigate roadblocks with implementing an EMR?

Communicate the why, talk about liability and the lack of protection paper offers and remind them that one HIPPA violation would cover the cost of an EMR. 

What is one thing you both love about the EMR’s you are using?

One thing both Danny and Chris agreed upon is the dictation feature that is found in both DragonFly Max and NextGen.  They both appreciate the ability to dictate a note or eval info no matter where they are.

Can EMR’s assist with the PPE collection?

Absolutely!  In DragonFly Max you can take a photo of the PPE and upload it into each student-athletes profile.  NextGen allows you to internally or externally upload a PDF of the PPE into a student athlete’s file.

What’s one recommendation for AT’s who are wanting to make the switch to EMR’s.

Research all the EMR’s available and find one that has everything you need.  Remember that Standard Of Care is EMR now. EMR’s can help AT’s prove relevance and value.

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Dragonfly; Fully Digital; EMR; EHR; Danny barringer; John Ciecko; Chris Dean

EMR – Which One is Right For You?

What is an EMR?

Electronic Management of Records or EMR can really make your life easier as an AT.
There are several out on the market for you to choose from, but who can give you all the info you need to ensure the EMR you pick today is the EMR you will need tomorrow?
Danny Barringer returns to the podcast to host an interview covering EMRs.  They cover what ATs want, some of the options, their personal experience and recommendations for most situations.  As the discussion continues we would love to hear your thoughts on the system you use and why.
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