Minority Women Doctors – 622

Doctor Angie Curtis, MD, MPT fits into the Minority Women Doctors category but has a unique path.

Minority Female Doctors; Dr. Angie Curtis; black women; african american colleges

Her original plan was to be a doctor.

Obstacles arose and she chose Physical Therapy school.

Before she could get established as a PT she knew she needed to go after her dream of becoming a Sports Medicine Doctor.

Challenges facing Minority Women Doctors

Doctor Curtis did not present on becoming a doctor as an African American woman. But a previous conversation in the hallway sparked an interest in me to learn more and help grow to understand.

I know I have preset judgments and biases based on where and how I was raised.

I also know that I am responsible for my actions and choices. I can not blame anyone else for the way I view or treat others.

Have you judged Minority Women Doctors too soon?

Dr. Curtis has been overlooked and ignored because she is a black female, dressed like a doctor, carrying clipboard and stethoscope. The nurse in scrubs was a male so he was obviously more “doctorly”

She has not allowed this to make her bitter but continues to grow and improve patient care and open doors for the women behind her.

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Minority Women Doctors

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Thanks for the special contributions from @FemaleATProbs

Top 10 reasons it is so tough being a female athletic trainer:

10. Apparently Spice Girls music is not appropriate pre game music
9. Wearing make up means we’re trying to impress someone
8. Not wearing make up means we’re either sick or very tired (even when we’re neither.)
7. Football/wrestling coaches think we know nothing about football/wrestling
6. Being asked to homecoming, prom, or any other school function is not what we had in mind when we go on dates…

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