Reducing Injury Risk – 588

Dr. Layci Harrison has a specialty in Movement Screens and their role in Reducing Injury Risk.

What is FMS training?

A Tool for identifying the potential for injury due to limitations in specific movements. It was developed by Gray Cook

Getting certified is a good idea and can really help you take advantage of the tests and results but it is not mandatory o use the tests to help identify potential issues.

What is the key to Reducing Injury Risk with FMS?

Protect before you correct

What tests does it involve?

  1. Deep Squat
  2. Hurdle Step
    • Tight Hip flexor may cause limitations in testing
  3. In-Line Lunge
  4. Active Straight leg raise
  5. Rotary Stability- probably the hardest one
  6. Shoulder Mobility- Hard to access
  7. Trunk Push up

Scoring the movement screens

0-pain in any movement
1- no pain but unable to do the movement
2- Complete movement but show some compensation
3- Complete movement no pain or compensation
A score of 14 or less equals a more likelihood of injury.
21 is a perfect FMS score

Dr. Harrison's Tips:

Use the score sheet from FMS, easy to find on Google.

It can help screen and individualize training.

Tai Chi or yoga may also help balance

  • Balance testing can be accomplished using BESS and YBT
    • BESS- Static balance
    • YBT- dynamic balance

A large part of reducing Injury Risk is knowing what to do with the data once we have it…but more on that another time.

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Layci Harrison, Reducing Injury Risk; preventicx

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More about Dr. Layci Harrison

My research interests include functional movement and how movement is related to balance ability. Specifically, I am interested in ways to improve functional movement and the effects of improved functional movement scores on injury risk.

I am also studying how the effects of balance training can be crossed from the trained limb to the contralateral limb following lower-body injuries as a way to expedite the injury rehabilitation process

Dr. Harrison was also on the Sports Medicine Broadcast…

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