Justifying Your Value as an Athletic Trainer – 316

Forrest Pecha was part of a research team that took data from one part time athletic trainer in a high school.  They calculated the dollar value patients would have paid if the services provided were billed to an insurance company under the accountable care model.

The article was published in NATA News

Chris Shaddock has accomplished many thing to advance athletic training at his high school.  He is a great resource for improving your position in Athletic Training

Dr. Josh Yellen helps us to think bigger about athletic training and to really question the status qua.

In summary:
Clearly define your goal
Gather information to support your objective
Keep gathering info and speaking with different people
Learn what is important at each level of administration
Prepare to fail many times (sometimes for years)
Find ways to educate everyone about what you do (without complaining / whining)

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Show Notes 316

one part time athletic trainers billable treatments

Clinical Residency and Outreach – 208

Forrest Pecha is the director of clinical Residency and is tasked with ensuring that each program is up to accreditation standards.
Discussion topics:
What is Clinical residency?
What are the current opportunities?
How does this help our practice?
Are we over stepping our bounds?

Resources:CAATE website www.caate.net for accreditation standards and guidelines

St Luke’s Sports Medicine www.stlukesonline.org/sports AT residency tab

For information on research articles supporting ATs in the physician practice setting– click on resources page

pechaf@slhs.org or office 208-489-4299
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed
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