Doctor Luis Urrea talks ACLs – 507

Who is Doctor Luis Urrea

Dr. Urrea is a regular attendee for the Davis Mountain clinic and joins Bubba for an interview after his talk.

With a special interest in knee and hip Dr. Urrea aligns very closely with Bubba Wilson's new thinking on ACL rehab and RTP.

ACLs, and pretty much all surgeries, should require functional testing to advance physical therapy or rehabilitation.


Luis Urrea

What should ACL RTP look like?

Instead of being a time based approach they should b able to perform specific tasks or movements before moving on to the next phase.

Once you can do 3 sets of 10 wall squats we move to TRX squats, then to body weight squats, then loaded squats…

It was a rainy night out in Fort Davis and you can hear that in back ground.

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