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Care For The Active Wrist – 582

Dr. Candice Teunis joins Shawn Ready to discuss care for the active wrist.

Can't Miss Injuries of the Hand; care for the active wrist

How do we Care For The Active Wrist

One of the huge tips she continued to share was REFER ANYTHING YOU REDUCE!!!

I have reduced injuries before and since meeting Dr. Teunis I always refer them to get an x-ray before allowing them to return to play.

Mallet Finger:

What is it: Extensor tendon rupture or avulsion involving DP joint.

Treatment– Splint religiously! 6-10 weeks

Alumaform vs. Stax Splint- Not all 1 size fits all. consult with your local hand doctor to see what they prefer and why. discuss ways to ensure patient compliance and seamless transition from office to AT Facility.

NOT ALL Mallet Fingers can be splinted, some require surgical intervention.

Jersey Finger-

What is it – Flexed finger pulled into extension (commonly ring finger, 75%) rupturing flexor tendon.



Dorsal Dislocation-  splint 1 week, then buddy tape

Volar dislocation – much less common, extensor mechanism disruption, hard to reduce


  • Traumatic Boutonniere
  • Skiers Thumb

Scaphoid Fractures

  • Hard to treat
  • hard to diagnose.
  • Common in football – “see these in December”

Scaphoid fractures…about 40% are missed and that is bad news, they take several months to heal due to poor blood flow. if it dies you get arthritis in your 20s.

Fall on outreached hand (FOOSH)

Need more on Care for the Active Wrist?

Live from Memorial Hermann's Sports Medicine Update 2019 Dr. Teunis lectures on Can't-Miss Injuries of the Hand and you can see that presentation here on Facebook

Can't Miss Injuries of the Hand – Candice Teunis, MD

Can't Miss Injuries of the Hand – Candice Teunis, MD

Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Hand Injuries Casey Callahan Lecture – 146

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