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The Story of Us with Sarah – 70

Dr. McGrath had a family emergency that worked out for the best this time.  I wanted to have my beautiful bride come on so we could share our story of how we met, and what we think we do well to keep romance alive on this Valentines Day edition.  I Love My wife!

Real Wives of the Pasadena Athletic Trainers – 24

Episode 24 Real Athletic Training Housewife Sarah Jackson

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The only time in Sarah and Kim have ever been backup plans was this week when our scheduled guests had to cancel about 2 hours prior to show time.  They did a great job jumping in and going with the flow.  Sarah was with us in studio and Kim was listening live and commenting in the chat room.  It was a great excercise in perseverance and flexibilty.  We also had a record number of four live listeners.  Keep with us as we build up the profession of Atheltic Training.

The studio, Podcast, Episode 24, Sports Medicine Broadcast, Athletic Training, Pasadena HS, PHS, Pasadena High School

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