Ivan Pierra Best AT in LA Galaxy – 541

What Keeps Ivan Pierra going?

Get to know PSATS member Ivan Pierra

  • First AT with the LA Galaxy
  • 10+ years with LA
  • Director of Sports Science
  • Participated in 4 world cup games as an AT

So what keeps Ivan Pierra coming to work?

One of most ATs favorite parts is the relationships. Ivan is no different

Locker room talk and ribbing is part of the job. If I trip in front of everyone i expect the kids to tease me about it for the next few days.

If you do something really awesome they should know and give you a hard time about it…if that is the way you go about business.

His number one negative…

Time away from FAMILY

Sometimes he can bring family on the trips but as an AT for pro-soccer you do not have any real free time except bedtime.

So during those times where you are able to escape or steal away even a few hours to invest in your family do it.

How has PSATS grown?

PSATS was not even around when he started. he has seen it grow from ATs who would see each other only at games to a small group gathering to the huge growing success it is today

How can you contact Ivan?

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