When Athletic Trainers Get Injured – 198

Each of us knows what to do when there is an ankle sprain, broken femur or torn ACL: call the athletic trainer.  What happens when that injury is the Athletic Trainer?
Mike Overman – tib fib fracture
Jesse Lopez – ACL tear
Jeremy Jackson – Knee hyperextension
Hear the story of our injuries, what we did to treat ourselves, evaluate ourselves and rehab ourselves (seems to be a theme here).  Laugh with us as we discuss everything related to the process.
Discussion topics:
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Kinect with Rehab – 51

Episode 51 Kinect with Rehab

At their previous places of employment both Bubba Wilson and Cat Lawrence had an Xbox Kinect.  Ours has been open for about 2 weeks and have not used it for athletes yet.  They have most of the knowledge and insight, I am just the pretty face on this one.

I would recommend viewing the YouTube or Ustream video of this episode to watch the conversation.