When Athletic Trainers Get Injured – 198

Each of us knows what to do when there is an ankle sprain, broken femur or torn ACL: call the athletic trainer.  What happens when that injury is the Athletic Trainer?
Mike Overman – tib fib fracture
Jesse Lopez – ACL tear
Jeremy Jackson – Knee hyperextension
Hear the story of our injuries, what we did to treat ourselves, evaluate ourselves and rehab ourselves (seems to be a theme here).  Laugh with us as we discuss everything related to the process.
Discussion topics:
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Kinect with Rehab – 51

Episode 51 Kinect with Rehab

At their previous places of employment both Bubba Wilson and Cat Lawrence had an Xbox Kinect.  Ours has been open for about 2 weeks and have not used it for athletes yet.  They have most of the knowledge and insight, I am just the pretty face on this one.

I would recommend viewing the YouTube or Ustream video of this episode to watch the conversation.

People Management with Luke Willbanks – 44

44 People Management with Luke Willbanks

Chik-fil-a is an efficient and well run business. About half of their employees are high school or college age people. Listen in to learn how you can improve your athletic training program and get the best out of your people. – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sports-medicine-broadcast

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