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Athletic Trainer’s Perspective – Jacob Resch 224

Jacob E Resch

University of Virginia Assistant professor in the department of kinesiology Jacob Resch is an Athletic Trainer.  He speaks on Concussion management from his experience and research.

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Concussion Protocol and mTBI Research – 126

Dr. Jacob Resch is doing some pioneering research focusing on balance issues and concussions.  One of their test sites is DeSoto High School where the Sports Medicine team, lead by David Young,  is leading the way in the secondary setting with concussion research studies and protocol management.

Show notes for Episode 126

Masters of Athletic Training at U of H


http://www.utdallas.edu/txbdc/img/news/news/160SF_3.MP3 (Conversation with Dr. Rob Renneker on pupilometer device)

http://curry.virginia.edu/about/directory/jacob-e-resch  (Dr. Resch information)

http://www.ntats.com   (North Texas Athletic Training Society)

http://www.concussionvitalsigns.com (Concussion Vital Signs Cognitive test)

http://bertec.com  (footplate system we use)

 Video for 126