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Cannabis Basics with Dr. Konin – 630

As medical providers, Athletic Trainers need an understanding of Cannabis Basics to provide the best options for their patients.

We also need to know and understand the differences between HTC, Weed/ Marijuana and Cannabis / CBD

Dr. Jeff Konin is the country's leading authority on Cannabis in AT.

cannabis basics

What does Cannabis mean to us in the healthcare setting


Cannabis is now legal in 33 states, so it’s already here and we need to educate ourselves about it

“There’s something there.”

We continue to learn more, and it is already being used medicinally for multiple afflictions

In the 70’s classifications of drugs came about, and cannabis was classified as a Schedule I drug (along with heroin and LSD)

It’s classification limited studies over the years

There’s a 3 step process through the government to study cannabis, but it takes 6-10yrs to get approved and about $50,000

Plant forms of cannabis


Some portions of cannabis are non-psychogenic

Hemp can be extracted from THC and is .3% of the THC

Hemp is the largest product exporter and importer from other countries (makes paper, gasoline oil, fabrics, colognes, etc)

The 2018 Farm Bill was put out by president to allow agricultural growth of hemp (extracted from the plant) in particular

CBD and THC have made a such a difference in many people’s lives, that it “can’t possibly be just the placebo effect”



There are different portions of the plant, when extracted

CBD comes in the form called cannabinoids, which come in 200-300 various versions and have different properties and potentially different benefits

Some of these cannabinoids are also found in other plants such as rosemary and thyme

The PLANT works with a system in your body that already exists, the  “endocannabinoid system” and has ZERO psychogenic effects

THC comes in multiple forms, and how you put them in your body determines the effects it has

THC will cause psychogenic effects

Edibles and/or lotions take longer to get into the system and have longer-lasting effects (CBD or THC)

From a medicinal aspect, people believe hybrid is the most beneficial as it causes an “entourage effect” (synergistic effect)

Some effects


THC is not addictive or a gateway drug

0 deaths from THC overdose reported

In some chronic young smokers, there’s a short-term condition called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3576702/

Long-term adult smokers may have secondary psychosis due to use, and long-term smokers may accrue damage to lungs

With patients that we are working with, the use of THC/CBD would be more for the short-term benefits

More information about the use of Cannabis?

11-12:15 min

The advocation of these products to minors should not be done because of the lack of research, although there are specific laws for minors and medicinal use

Literature suggests these products should be used for people 25 yrs or older so that the brain is fully developed

Laws are being driven by consumers who are electing pro-cannabis officials

Laws are changing rapidly in favor of cannabis use (decriminalization)

How do we know which CBD products are legitimate?

12:15-14 min

CBD products are similar to supplements as they are not federally regulated

There have been studies that prove some products on the market are 100% illegitimate

It’s legal for companies to say products are “90% proprietary” meaning we only know 10% of what’s actually in the products

Everything on the market could be a hybrid, so there’s no guarantee that a CBD product does not contain THC

Hybrids in the sport world may be problematic, and as a medical professional our recommendations should be conservative

What are some of the uses of Cannabis?

14-15:10 min

There are legal drugs on the market approved by the federal government 

There are medications for epileptic seizures and for cancer patients to help reduce nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy

There’s ongoing research on use for post-concussive patients, patients with diabetes, MS, ALS, etc.

Informally (subjective feedback) Cannabis reduces inflammation, localized pain, and anxiety

The challenge for athletes and where to go for information on Cannabis

15:10-19 min

Athletes and medical staff need to be aware of laws nationally and internationally

33 states in the US have approved cannabis use, but all the laws vary (possession in person, travel, etc.)

There’s a need for a resource athletes and all sport related personnel can go to for information on cannabis

When you Google search “Cannabis” you need to be able to decipher whether or not the site you are on has a 3rd party objective or a hidden agenda

Government sites may have limited information because it’s still an illegal drug

Laws and regulations are changing daily so you should find a resource with active information

Secondary school message to students? 19:10-21min

Cannabis is a plant but is a serious substance especially in a developing brain

Use of cannabis can cause a loss in the ability to calculate, learn and understand new languages in developing brains, it can also affect emotions

From the CBD aspect, it’s “GNC Round 2” you just don’t know what’s actually in the product

Speak with a physician prior to use (preferably an open-minded physician), and/or have the product compounded (information from a pharmacy)


As an Athletic Trainer, we need to be able to educate our athletes, parents, and coaches by researching cannabis to the best of our ability

Where else have I seen Dr. Konin?

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Cannabis – Jeff Konin

Cannabis – Jeff Konin

Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Diversity and Inclusion in AT Leadership – 615

Ever been the only white person in the room? How about your college program?

Eva Martinez says as a brown woman in Athletic Training she longs to see more diversity and inclusion in leadership. She wants to see people like her in leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion; Eva Martinez; Marco Nunez

What is your Diversity and Inclusion story?

Have you been excluded from conversations because you did not fit the mold for the current leadership style?

Are you like Sofia and never really felt excluded or like there was a ceiling to your ability?

Do you get fired up when someone makes an off-color comment, let it slide or find a way to educate?

Diversity and inclusion; John Ciecko;

Find the Similarities

Sometimes people make comments because they are intentionally hurtful, but sometimes they are just ignorant.

I said something about going to a polish festival and used the word “polak” while talking to my wife. I read a book where the main character was Polish and referred to himself as a “Polak” so I thought it was normal…until she told me the word is derogatory.

If I had said this to a polish person it may have ended very differently.

Continuing to use the term after learning the meaning would be intentional. I have only used the term to tell the story since that day.

In your quest for Diversity and Inclusion be quick to extend grace and offer a chance for education and change.

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Diversity and Inclusion in AT Leadership

As a middle class white male, it is normal for me to see leadership as a natural next step. I see others like me in leadership.For a hispanic female there are not as many roel models in leadership.Eva Martinez joins Marco Nunez and John Ciecko to discuss the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Athletic Training Leadership.

Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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Brown Eyes & Caramel Thighs Podcast


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