BFR Tips and Tricks – Kyle & Jennifer

Tips and tricks for using BFR are usually best with some experience. At this point, we have used Delphi BFR for about 6 months.

Jennifer Asberry has used it as a clinician and as an injury-loving weekend warrior. She shares some of her injuries later.

Kyle Kimbrell has been working with BFR for years and has plenty of tips, tricks, and thoughts. He has previously been on the podcast to discuss BFR in adolescents.

BFR Tips

Before we get to BFR Tips I have a few shoutouts.

Judy Bittar – a student AT Aide for listening and reaching out when you visited our campus. 

Tony Young – for purchasing the Compex and looking into BFR after we discussed it here on the podcast

We received funding for the BFR unit from our Pasadena Education Foundation – a few quick tips on getting grants funded:

  • Will it make my classroom more innovative?
  • Will it boost student engagement?
  • Will it be used primarily in the classroom/ campus?
  • Is it underfunded or not funded by the regular school budget?
  • Does it relate to student learning, development, and academic success?

Favorite success story

Femur fracture returned to sport-specific activity after 3 months with equal quad size.

PCL – patient returned after 4 months

Derek – ACL repair after 5 months

Best BFR tip for ease of use.

JJ – you can press anywhere on the clock circle to start the 30-second timer.

Jennifer – Have the exercises planned out before starting.

Jeremy – Teach helpers and patients to set it up.

Why does my LOP swing about 30 mmHg day to day?

The LOP is a measurement of what it takes to measure occlude blood flow at that moment.

  • Stress can effect it
  • Prior activity
  • Cuff placement

Any blunders?

I had a user have the cuff slide down and “pop-out” the BFR cuff. How can we prevent it?

  • User error…that is all …lol
  • You can press deflate without having to do LOP again
  • Or remove the tube from the cuff and press your thumb over it while you readjust the cuff

Large leg, can’t get the cuff to measure LOP. What else can I do?

  1. Isometric Exercise
  2. External cuff pressure
  3. Skip the sleeve if they are wearing compression pants already

“More likely to get funded” tips from the Education Foundation:

  1. Makes learning more engaging and innovative.
  2. Impacts a larger number of students & teachers.
  3. Reusable, sustainable, and long-lasting projects.
  4. Supports classroom instruction and boosts college or workplace readiness skills.
  5. Includes matching funds from other sources.
  6. Completed applications with accurate information.

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