Building a Sports Medicine TEAM – 502

Who is on YOUR Team?

Are you and local medical providers on the Same Team?

Dr. Josh Yellen is the program director for the University of Houston MAT program.  He must build relationships with local medical providers to give his students the best possible exposure.  He is teaching his students to be on the same team and build each other up as we grow in the medical profession.

What are you doing?

What have you done that has worked in building relationships with local medical providers?

Have you gone out and met any of our local providers?

Have you brought other medical professionals into your Athletic Training Clinic so they can see what you do or even co-treat athletes?

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Here is what we recommend:

  • Create a one page letter to give to local medical providers
  • Ask to meet with the office manager
  • Ask what their rehab protocols are for certain injuries
  • Invite them to join you for  day in the clinic or sidelines
  • Attend workshops outside of your normal domain
  • Set up a training for equipment removal and invite the local EMS and standalone ER clinics

Want some more resources? 

Check out these recommended documents that can get you going towards being on the same team with your local medical providers:

ABC Dental
Local ER


Brendan Moriarty messaged me on Facebook to ask about billing as an AT after the show:

Dr, Yellen, Forrest Pecha, and Joe Greene all sent him some information about billing as an AT.

Guidance on Billing and reimbursement for Athletic Trainers Article

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