Diversity and Inclusion in AT Leadership – 615

Ever been the only white person in the room? How about your college program?

Eva Martinez says as a brown woman in Athletic Training she longs to see more diversity and inclusion in leadership. She wants to see people like her in leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion; Eva Martinez; Marco Nunez

What is your Diversity and Inclusion story?

Have you been excluded from conversations because you did not fit the mold for the current leadership style?

Are you like Sofia and never really felt excluded or like there was a ceiling to your ability?

Do you get fired up when someone makes an off-color comment, let it slide or find a way to educate?

Diversity and inclusion; John Ciecko;

Find the Similarities

Sometimes people make comments because they are intentionally hurtful, but sometimes they are just ignorant.

I said something about going to a polish festival and used the word “polak” while talking to my wife. I read a book where the main character was Polish and referred to himself as a “Polak” so I thought it was normal…until she told me the word is derogatory.

If I had said this to a polish person it may have ended very differently.

Continuing to use the term after learning the meaning would be intentional. I have only used the term to tell the story since that day.

In your quest for Diversity and Inclusion be quick to extend grace and offer a chance for education and change.

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