Women In Athletic Training Inc. – 543

Katie Breedlove joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to discuss Women In Athletic Training Inc.

What is Women in AT inc?

“This group was created as a safe space to share our unique experiences, network and develop our understanding on the best practices in this healthcare profession, all while navigating the challenges of being a woman in the workplace. “Empowered women empower women!” “

Who is Katie Breedlove?


Who can JOIN Women In Athletic Training?

Really…Be a women and an Athletic Trainer…its that simple

What are the benefits to a Women only group of ATs?

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Some conversations have involved sensitive materials women do not want to to talk about in mixed company. Sexual harassment or assault is one of those topics.

It may be about pants with out pockets

It may be a positive way to deal with demeaning comments.

There are also meet ups and social events

Women in Athletic Training is a member driven group encouraging women to grow and socialize together in an ever-changing environment.

What is the legacy Women In AT hopes to leave?

To leave Athletic Training better than we found it.

Contact us:

Jeremy Jackson

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Quidditch Athletic Training – 449

Annie Nalepa comes back to the Podcast Lounge with Dr. Nicole Wilkins to discuss what they are seeing in Quidditch.  Yes the broomstick flying, snitch chasing, Harry Potter fanatic game.  Lots of injuries with little follow up care as this is a club sport at best for most schools.
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