Clean Eating and Meal Prepping with Brittany Hoover and Taylor Barros – 426

Surgery, depression, binge eating, emotional eating.  Brittany Hoover had a storm of issues move her to a clean eating journey.  She is now meal planned about 2 months out using a google calendar.  She eats pretty much the same couple of things for breakfast lunch and snack daily and typically makes a dinner that will last a week.

Taylor Barros is completing the Gatorade Fellowship for Sports Nutrition and is working with Memorial Hermann Ironman Institute's Brett Singer.

They shared some tips for making it work:

Have a plan
Fill up on healthy food so your not hungry for the unhealthy choices
Avoid using labels like “Cheat Meal” or “Bad Food”
Find a system that fits your life
Use a meal prep schedule that that works for you
Plan ahead and carry your food with you

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