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Helicopter parents area parents who take an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children according to

Owen Iseminger works with more affluent students and parents who tend to be in this group more often.  Through 8 years in this setting he has learned some tips and tricks for dealing with Helicopters.

  1. Be on top of your evaluations
  2. Explain multiple possibilities and how the rehab plan will help the total body.  
  3. Don’t be annoyed or upset if they want a 2nd opinion.
  4. Set them up with the best physician you can even if something minor, they expect to see the best.
  5. Win trust of other parents.  They talk to each other and good gossip about you goes a long way.
  6. Make them feel like their child is important, if they feel like they are 1/100s they won’t accept that.
  7. Always stay professional
  8. Go the extra mile to update them on injuries
  9. Have coaches support, as they will go ask coach about the athletic trainer or for updates.
  10.  Even if kid is not injured, have a relationship with the parent, even if it’s, just a simple hello and asking how their kid is doing.

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