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Catching some Zzzzz’s with Dr. Byrd – 48

Episode 48 catching some Zzzzs with Dr Byrd

Memorial Hermann Sleep Center's Dr. Micheal Byrd proves to be one of the most interesting guests to date for our students.   His advice: Get off the phone and tablet at least an hour before bed.


Will Carroll The Injury Expert – 45

Episode 45 Will Carroll the Injury Expert

Will Carroll is a lead writer for Bleacher Report and known on twitter as @injuryexpert.  He has written pieces for several big names in sports journalism.  He joins us to talk about his job, experiences and hit on steroids and other PEDs.

Check out his book The Juice

People Management with Luke Willbanks – 44

44 People Management with Luke Willbanks

Chik-fil-a is an efficient and well run business. About half of their employees are high school or college age people. Listen in to learn how you can improve your athletic training program and get the best out of your people. – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sports-medicine-broadcast

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Is It In You? – 41

Episode 41 Is It In You

Gatorade Market Development Associate Aaron talks about some of the history, facts, fiction and new products from the most widely known name in sports drinks.

Email My Gatorade Rep 

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Athletic Training student Mary Spalding – 33

Episode 33 Boston Needs Some Help

Mary Spalding, a senior Athletic Training student in Colorado has a very interesting story that encouraged her to get into Athletic Training and encouraged her to seek admittance to medical school after graduation.

Same Thing Different State with Michael Stevenson – 30

Episode 30 Same Thing Different State

Michael Stevenson, Program Director for Huntsville Hospital‘s Athletic Training Outreach team joins us to talk about why they were recently selected to grace the cover of Training and Conditioning magazine.

Making the Choice to take an AT Leave of Absence – 29

Episode 29 Making the Choice

As much as Christi loved the injuries, treatments, rehab, teaching and relationships, she made a decision to leave athletic training for an undetermined amount of time to stay home with her new baby.  Listen to her tell us why.

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ps. check out the mohawk on Wyatt

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Sports Medicine in the Ukraine with Diane Shore – 28

Episode 28 Sports Medicine in the Ukraine with Diane Shore

This summer Diane Shore used her Sports Medicine skills to serve out her faith in the Ukraine and she is already working on heading back to the mission field next summer.  Take a moment to listen to her story.

Twitter pick: @tweetCSMA

Welcome Back – 27

Episode 27 Welcome Back 2

Bacon Burger Dogs, Child Bike seats, new sports medicine students…this episode is a warmup, equipment test and introduction for new students all in one.  There is very little Sports Medicine content but some behind the scenes info about your host.

That’s a Wrap Season 2 – 26

Episode 26 Wrap Up Season 2

You can tell it is the end of the year because we got off to a really slow start on this one.  Wrapping up year two we get some feedback and reflect on our guests. Since I am short on time there will be almost no editing for this one.  Thanks for listening!