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Thorough Cardiac Screenings – 209

Paul Waller wants to make a difference for athletes by screening and providing the best opportunity for cardiac success.  Wimbledon Athletics has one of the premiere cardiac screen programs in the country and it could be yours (your students) free.
Contact pwaller@dxtesting.com
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed
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ATs Gone Global – 129

Paul Waller, Wade Hopkins and Sam Sorrell talk about using Athletic Training skills outside of the normal setting to help people in need of the care and treatment Athletic Trainers are best known for.

Show Notes for 129

“Volunteering helps you remember the ‘why' of your job, why you are doing what you do” – Wade Hopkins




Sports Medicine Mission Trips with Paul Waller – 80

Paul Waller founded Christian Sports Medicine Alliance or CSMA so that Athletic Trainers could use their skills to share their faith.  Listen as he tells us his story, where they are headed and how you can be involved.

CSMA on Twitter

Christian Sports Medicine Alliance Website

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