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LP Support – PSATS – 518

LP Support, Farhan

Who is LP Support

“LP has been recognized as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear, and has been well received by sports medical professionals.

Our goal is to design, manufacture and market technically advanced products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enhancement to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Extensive research, innovative design, and our passion for comprehensive protection lead to the creation of LP's CoolPrene® material; as well as the introduction of MaxWrap® that revolutionizes the concept of taping.

Success stories from athletes who have benefited from these innovations inspire us to keep creating high performance protective supports to meet their athletic needs.”

What is new from LP Support?

Compression shorts with seamless tape.

Continued innovation

What are some of your favorite products

Compression shorts are one of the more popular product

Contact LP support


Call – 18009791932

Contact Us

Jeremy Jackson

@John Ciecko on Twitter

Speaking of Support…

FrioHydration supports their customers better than any hydration product I have ever seen.

Check out their website for a full line of their products.

Alexandra McDonald – 515

DC United presents Alexandra McDonald

Who is Alexandra McDonald?

  • A relative rookie in the MLS
  • Athletic Trainer for DC United
  • Former college Soccer player

How can I be like her?

  • Know the sport
  • Work Hard
  • Communicate
  • Network
  • Volunteer
  • Reach out to some of the MLS ATs
  • Network some more

Seriously reach out to the ATs working Pro Soccer, they are very approachable. find a way to help out with their camps, practices or facilities.

Need to contact Alexandra?

Need to get a hold of me?

Jeremy Jackson – Host of the Sports Medicine Broadcast

John Ciecko III- Twitter

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