Firefly Speeds Recovery – 547

How do you recover on a plane a few hours after you run for 90 minutes?

Have no fear Firefly Recovery is here.

Anthony actually started looking for recovery devices for his children playing club sports when he came across this device.

What is Firelfy Recovery

Anthony Kjenstead, sole distributor of Firefly USA, joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast live at PSATS 2019 to discuss the product the Kurt Andrews says is amazing.

Kurt Andrews is the Head AT for Sporting KC and says he has them for every road game.

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screen shot from Firefly Recovery

How does it work?

Stimulating the peroneal nerve to fire, causing muscle contraction which in turn increases circulation.

Firefly, firefly recovery, fire fly, firefly
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Where can you find out more info?

Check out their website

Watch the Sports Medicine Broadcast Facebook Live

Want to contact us?

Jeremy Jackson check out the about page and all my contact info is there

John Ciecko can always be found on Twitter @JohnCiecko

Looking for other GREAT products?

Frio Hydration is the best hydration equipment provider I have used.

I will only be purchasing Frio Hydration units moving forward.

When you request a quote tell them Jeremy from the Sports Medicine Broadcast sent you over to receive some special discounts.