Firefly Speeds Recovery – 547

How do you recover on a plane a few hours after you run for 90 minutes?

Have no fear Firefly Recovery is here.

Anthony actually started looking for recovery devices for his children playing club sports when he came across this device.

What is Firelfy Recovery

Anthony Kjenstead, sole distributor of Firefly USA, joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast live at PSATS 2019 to discuss the product the Kurt Andrews says is amazing.

Kurt Andrews is the Head AT for Sporting KC and says he has them for every road game.

Firefly, firefly recovery, Anthony Kjenstead, fire fly
screen shot from Firefly Recovery

How does it work?

Stimulating the peroneal nerve to fire, causing muscle contraction which in turn increases circulation.

Firefly, firefly recovery, fire fly, firefly
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Where can you find out more info?

Check out their website

Watch the Sports Medicine Broadcast Facebook Live

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Looking for other GREAT products?

Frio Hydration is the best hydration equipment provider I have used.

I will only be purchasing Frio Hydration units moving forward.

When you request a quote tell them Jeremy from the Sports Medicine Broadcast sent you over to receive some special discounts.

Functional Hamstring Progression – 528

Portland Timbers Head Athletic Trainer Jon MacGregor joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast to discuss functional hamstring progression in soccer athletes.

Pregame huddle with John Jon and Matt

About Jon MacGregor

Jon was named Portland Timber first team's head athletic trainer after spending the past three seasons (2015-2017) with Columbus Crew SC.

MacGregor, a certified and licensed ATC with a bachelor’s degree in athletic training and a master’s degree in sports management, spent the 2017 season as the head athletic trainer for Crew SC after spending the previous two years as the assistant athletic trainer.

Prior to joining Columbus, MacGregor spent four-and-a-half years with Vancouver Whitecaps FC, serving as a first-team athletic trainer and as the head athletic trainer for the club’s residency program.

What does Portland do?

Steal from Aspetar…they have great tools set up so why re-invent the wheel

  • Extender – supine 90
  • Diver – RDL
  • Slider – Eccentric loaded exercise
  • Functional RTP including FMS and Y-Balance
  • Spartan Jump testing
  • Bridge testing
  • Barcelona Protocol

They also use these for recovery

  • Pilates
  • Floatation
  • Cryotherapy

Get your athlete in each day

Use the athlete as a gauge

How do you keep a player engaged

Set up a culture of Sports Medicine

No phones in the AT Clinic

No phone in the gym

What is PSATS to YOU?

  • A great way to build community.
  • We are on the same journey and are able to understand the situations.
  • Kind of like a brotherhood
  • Great way to learn and socialize

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Hamstring: Early Rehab with Goody – 522

Brian Goodstein aka Goody, is the Head AT for DC united and joins the Sports Medicine Broadcast at the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers' Society PSATS annual meeting to discuss Hamstring Injuries.

goody, Brian Goodstien, Brian Goodstein, Hamstring, DC United

As a former Strength and Conditioning Coach and Director of Sports Performance at Metro Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, “Goody” is well versed in early stage rehab as well as late stage return to play for most injuries.

Likewise, Brian served one term as vice president and president of PSATS.

Similarly he was a member of the MLS Advisory Committee, and currently serves on the MLS policy and procedures committee, MLS concussion committee, and is on the editorial board for Training and Conditioning Magazine.

Moreover, In 2007 and 2004, he was honored as the MLS Athletic Trainer of the Year.

This is the first in a series of Hamstring injuries podcasts.

So what are we talking about?

Lower leg, hamstring and groin injuries can plague a season for both athletes and teams alike in the MLS. Brian Goodstein, head athletic trainer for DC United shares with us early intervention strategies and early stage rehab considerations.

But I always take 2x the recommended dose

Have an athlete obsessed with ibuprofen? Listen in as to why the pros place an emphasis on NOT taking NSAIDs post injury.

What else are we covering at PSATS?

Where are we?

The beautiful JW Marriott in Grande Lakes Orlando at the Professional Soccer Athletic Trainer Society annual meeting before the combine.

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LP Support – PSATS – 518

LP Support, Farhan

Who is LP Support

“LP has been recognized as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear, and has been well received by sports medical professionals.

Our goal is to design, manufacture and market technically advanced products for injury prevention, injury treatment and performance enhancement to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Extensive research, innovative design, and our passion for comprehensive protection lead to the creation of LP's CoolPrene® material; as well as the introduction of MaxWrap® that revolutionizes the concept of taping.

Success stories from athletes who have benefited from these innovations inspire us to keep creating high performance protective supports to meet their athletic needs.”

What is new from LP Support?

Compression shorts with seamless tape.

Continued innovation

What are some of your favorite products

Compression shorts are one of the more popular product

Contact LP support


Call – 18009791932

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Speaking of Support…

FrioHydration supports their customers better than any hydration product I have ever seen.

Check out their website for a full line of their products.

PSATS 101 – 511

New to PSATS?

Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society or PSATS is a group of sports medicine professionals working with or desiring to work with professional soccer (or futbol) and their minor league teams.  PSATS101 is focused telling the story of PSATS and how we can grow together as professionals.

PSATS 101; PSATS101; Ron Shinault

Who are the guests?

Ron Shinault of the San Jose Earthquakes headlines the intro podcast.
John Ciecko gets the low down

What are some of the key points?

On the PSATS101 podcast we discuss…

  • Who can join
  • Requirements
  • Goals
  • Mission
  • Opportunities to serve

Where are podcasting from?

The beautiful JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando is host to the annual PSATS conference and meeting.

John Ciecko and I sharing the knowledge of our colleagues working primarily with one sport athletes.

I tried to talk John into going to Harry Potter World why were here but then I reconsidered knowing how much my wife would want to be with me.

During the conference we will also cover:

PSATS Member Stories – McDonald; Rumsey; Pierra
Hamstring Injuries – GoodyMacGregor; Purcell 
Groin Injuries – Cruz
Youth Soccer Concerns – Kurt Andrews

(some links will not work until the associated podcast is released)

How can I find out more info about PSATS?

Go to their website:

Catch them on Facebook

Tweet them: PSATS_MLS


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