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Female AT Struggles – 131

Sonia Gysland has broken the ranks of professional football; Dawn Stuckey is a head Athletic Trainer at Rice University; Christina Cope is an Athletic Trainer at Klein High School.  All three have teamed up to discuss some of the struggles for female Athletic Trainers.

Thanks for the special contributions from @FemaleATProbs

Top 10 reasons it is so tough being a female athletic trainer:

10. Apparently Spice Girls music is not appropriate pre game music
9. Wearing make up means we’re trying to impress someone
8. Not wearing make up means we’re either sick or very tired (even when we’re neither.)
7. Football/wrestling coaches think we know nothing about football/wrestling
6. Being asked to homecoming, prom, or any other school function is not what we had in mind when we go on dates…

Find the full list in the Show Notes 131

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Video episode of 131

Rice University with Dawn Stuckey – 15

Episode 15 Rice University with Dawn Stuckey

Dawn is the Head Athletic Trainer at NCAA Division 1 Rice University.  On her off day from traveling with the team she came out here to Pasadena to meet with our students.  The best part about the interview are the questions and discussions that happen before the show starts.  I love being able to connect the students to the professional world.

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