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Care For The Active Wrist – 582

Dr. Candice Teunis joins Shawn Ready to discuss care for the active wrist.

Can't Miss Injuries of the Hand; care for the active wrist

How do we Care For The Active Wrist

One of the huge tips she continued to share was REFER ANYTHING YOU REDUCE!!!

I have reduced injuries before and since meeting Dr. Teunis I always refer them to get an x-ray before allowing them to return to play.

Mallet Finger:

What is it: Extensor tendon rupture or avulsion involving DP joint.

Treatment– Splint religiously! 6-10 weeks

Alumaform vs. Stax Splint- Not all 1 size fits all. consult with your local hand doctor to see what they prefer and why. discuss ways to ensure patient compliance and seamless transition from office to AT Facility.

NOT ALL Mallet Fingers can be splinted, some require surgical intervention.

Jersey Finger-

What is it – Flexed finger pulled into extension (commonly ring finger, 75%) rupturing flexor tendon.



Dorsal Dislocation-  splint 1 week, then buddy tape

Volar dislocation – much less common, extensor mechanism disruption, hard to reduce


  • Traumatic Boutonniere
  • Skiers Thumb

Scaphoid Fractures

  • Hard to treat
  • hard to diagnose.
  • Common in football – “see these in December”

Scaphoid fractures…about 40% are missed and that is bad news, they take several months to heal due to poor blood flow. if it dies you get arthritis in your 20s.

Fall on outreached hand (FOOSH)

Need more on Care for the Active Wrist?

Live from Memorial Hermann's Sports Medicine Update 2019 Dr. Teunis lectures on Can't-Miss Injuries of the Hand and you can see that presentation here on Facebook

Can't Miss Injuries of the Hand – Candice Teunis, MD

Can't Miss Injuries of the Hand – Candice Teunis, MD

Posted by Sports Medicine Broadcast on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Mobile Sports Medicine Units with Keith Shireman – 427

Keith Shireman, AT for Batesville Pioneers in Arkansas was the recipient of close to $70,000 worth of Mobile Sports Medicine Unit donations.  He has a 28 foot “bumper pull” trailer and a new truck to pull it with.

This did not just fall in his lap though.  He has been building relationships for years in his community and taking people up on their “if you ever need help” offers.

YouTube Video of our interview with Keith

Show Notes

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Here is the proposal I took to our local dental office to partner with them.  Use it as a guide or a starting point to garner community support

Cirque du Soleil with Chad Fraser -357

Chad Fraser is an ATC working with Cirque du Soleil.  He is the Head Athletic Trainer and for the traveling Kurios show.

He has been featured in an article in AT Today because of his dedication to teach other ATs about the job setting he works in.

Shawn Ready and I discuss how Chad got started in the performing arts, his personal experience performing stunts or doing training, unique challenges to the job and injury prevention through biomechanics.

This is a fast fun conversation.  Thanks Chad for making yourself available.

Thanks Mr Roddie Fraser for listening to the show.


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Alternative Exercises for those who Cannot – 355

We all have that kid who either wants to work really hard and just can't do to injury or that wants to use the injury as a reason to be lazy.  We are also faced with man power issues in that if we cannot babysit those the whole time.  Athletic Trainers need to have a list of exercises to pull from knowing we will not cause harm to the injured site.

Bob Marley is CSCS, works with the Houston Texans, at my Alma Mater Houston Baptist University, East Bernard High School and has 35 years experience.

Shawn Ready is a former Collegiate Athletic Trainer and Cross Fit coach.

Bubba Wilson has lots of experience and is an expert in all things

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Speaking of people who always want to keep working even if they have been told to rest… Rob is always looking for ways to improve the hydration of athletic trainers so that we have a few less things to worry about.  Check out Frio Hydration for Superior Hydration products

Athletic Training Injuries Round 2 – 349

Shawn Ready did rodeo for years.  His list of injuries is phenomenal.  He also did some dumb things along the way.

Daniele Petty was hit by a car and nearly lost her foot but return to a somewhat active lifestyle and became an Athletic Trainer

John Ciecko tried to break his neck playing college football, spent months doing rehab and learning to readjust.

Our stories make us who we are.  Share your story of how and why you became an AT, an injury you have dealt with, a failure or success.  be real and authentic and you never know who will be listening.

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Industrial AT with Brady Corse – 346

Brady Corse works with Action Onsite to provide injury prevention and medical expense reduction costs to companies in Washington.  Pepsi, Frito Lay, and City of Vancouver, Washington are all clients of Action Onsite.

One company went from $500,000 per year in medical expenses to $135,000 to around $70,000 per year in medical expenses.  Brady and company has saved one company around $800,000 over a 3 year window

Contact Brady

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Learning to Move a a Healthcare Provider – 339

Shawn Ready believes in movement.  He feels we as Athletic Trainers need to be able to do what we are asking our patients to do with in reason.

Here we discuss why it is so important and practical ways to do it with our schedule.

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YouTube 339

NATA 2017 Catch me at the Frio Hydration booth say hello, jump on an interview, or even bring a speaker over and interview them yourself.

Favorite CEU Opportunities 329

NATA President Scott Sailor talks about his favorite CEU opportunities to start off NATM 2017.

Dr. Sailor says his favorite is NATA Convention then his District meeting

Some of mine include:


The ATVantage Podcast


Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Update
Houston Methodist Safe Sports Summit

Worth the vacation:

South Padre Athletic Training Seminar
NATA Convention


Bucket List:

FWATA in Hawaii
Big Sky
Davis Mountain

Show Notes 329

Tech Tools for the Athletic Trainer – 328

MedBridge: is great for continuing education on a budget and a resource to build a great home exercise plan

Using Google drive makes sharing documents and data between co-workers super easy.  It has also saved me from having to carry a flash drive around or from being able to work from only one computer.

We also Use RankOneSport for our online physical forms, treatment logs and injury report forms which has been a huge time-saver.  this also has the emergency cards for the coaches to print and manage their own paperwork.

MX Weather Sentry for lightning alerts – makes arguing about LIGHTNING a moot point

Secondary School Facebook Group – get questions answered, gain understanding, vent among like-minded people


Core – Clinical Orthopedic Exam
Essential anatomy 5
Anatomy Mapp
Good RX
Cam Scanner

MatDoc from

Apps from @amyjo793_jo
PACE Impact
Hudl Technique

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Frio Hydration and School Health continue to provide some great products as well


Rhabdomyolysis from a Patient Perspective – 319

Carmen Solis caught the perfect storm of plane flight, elevation, dehydration, new protein shake, different environment and a slightly new routine to catch a case of Rhabdo.

Dr. Rehal Bhojani explains the facts as he sees them and gives great insight to us in identifying future cases of Rhabdo.

Urine color charts in every stall (male and female) are a top recommendation.  Muddy / orange urine is almost always an indicator of Rhabdo.

Help prevent Rhabdo by easing your athletes back into workouts.  Gone is the idea of “we are going to kill them and make men out of them.”

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Show Notes 318  YouTube video of 318

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