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How You can win with Personal Finance – 310

Jared Plummer has paid off $50,000 in debt in about 3 years by making choices that were different the what he was used to.

I, Jeremy Jackson, paid off $68,000 in debt in 22 months, has 6 months of expenses less than 10 years left on the mortgage and thriving with a single Athletic Trainer's income family of 5.   We are no longer living paycheck to paycheck, we just paid $6,600 to have our air conditioner replaced and didn't miss out on anything because we had saved up for home repairs and emergencies.

Ampicillin side effects is just looking into winning with his money.  Jared and I are happy to walk along side him and encourage all athletic trainers to be intentional and have a plan rather than wonder where your money went.

Show notes for 313

Top Resource:  Take the FPU class

Jeremy's Budgeting template (save a blank version and then one with the current year on it, so that in January you will have another copy to start over) or use EveryDollar from Dave Ramsey

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Shawn Ready – drop him an email and encourage him to keep hammering out the debt and gain financial peace.

Getting a gift card for an email address is a great way to save money as well.  Sign up for your chance to win at SchoolHealth.com/smb

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FLSA and the Athletic Trainer – 309

Dr. Adam Thompson of Indiana Wesleyan University shares wisdom on how athletic trainers can improve their situation with the revised Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Contact Ampicillin side effects

Fire Drill, dropped connections, and variations in audio level are all part of the fun.  Maybe I need to be getting paid overtime.

Show Notes

Dr. Thompson's presentation

Resources in Dr. Thompson’s presentation:





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FrioHydration – talk about overtime…these guys put in some extra work