Normalizing Breathing Patterns – 136

Mike McKenney, Josh Ogden, and Jason Robey are all believers in normalizing breathing patterns and breathing posture to help re-align the body and reduce internal stress.    There are a lot of treatments out there that claim to be the answer.  This episode is about using breathing normalization to improve your treatment plan.

Show Notes – 136

Slow Yogic Breathing Through Right and Left Nostril Influences Sympathovagal Balance, Heart Rate Variability, and Cardiovascular Risks in Young Adults

The Healthiest Way To Breathe


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Strength Training is Health Care Too – 123

Mike McKenney and Dan Boothby have figured out how to do the most valuable aspect of athletic training.  They focus on preventing injuries through a close relationship between Athletic Trainer, Strength Coach and Sports Dietitian.

“Wow, those guys are just a fountain of knowledge” – Dr. Josh Yellen on the guests for #123

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Fantasy Sports with Rotowire ATC Jeff Stotts -36

Episode 36 Jeff Stotts


You would not think an athletic trainer would be needed for fantasy sports but that is why Jeff Stott's job interested me so much.  He writes for and is one of the guys that helps you make you decisions for fantasy sports sit and starts.

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