Junior High Athletic Trainers – How to Make it Happen – 315

11 – 13 year old athletes need athletic healthcare.  New Caney ISD had been blessed with a supportive admin team but it did not come easily.  Kristi Hayes was one of the originators of the middles school athletic trainer deal and offers her insight on making it happen.

Catherine Windsor and Leslie Adamik both currently work in the middle school setting and share what they feel to be the ideal working environment for them.  They also share thing they would like to change and some of the best parts of the job as a middle school AT.

Our interview with School Board member Fred Roberts shared a lot of the same points as Scott Galloway:
Begin collecting data, begin educating and make yourself available and known to everyone.  Parents on your side helps persuade school boards members as well as you educating them on the value of an athletic trainer. Seek to inform rather than convince so that they can make the decision on their own.

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