Ginny Garner is improving AT in Cali – 472

Is anyone improving Athletic Training in California?

Ginny Garner is a regional manager for The ATvantage, an AT placement service now serving California and Arizona.

She discusses some of her journey and some of the positive impact they are making in California, currently the least Athletic Trainer friendly state.

Ginny Garner; podcast lounge; ATVantage; NATA 2018; New Orleans

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“When Ginny Garner’s full-time industrial position was no longer fitting her needs, she began to look outside the box and found part-time work with ATvantage.
This opportunity, her passion for athletic training, and for raising her family has led her on a unique journey to where she is today as the Regional Manager for ATvantage.”
Check out the blog article ATVantage did on her as they highlight women in AT.

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Athletic Training On-Demand: Does it Help or Hurt -196


Where there is a need there is a business opportunity.  Alisha Pennington saw Athletic Trainers needed help getting jobs and that schools need Athletic Trainers.  Working in a state that does not protect or place a huge emphasis on Athletic Trainer is a challenge that needed to be taken on.  She has developed her company to solve that disconnect between athletic trainers and schools
Discussion topics:

Alisha's athletic training story
Tell us a little about ATVantage
What is your hope or goal for the business?
What do you see as some potential drawbacks for hiring athletic trainers this way?
What are the top benefits for working this way?
How does the lack of title protection in California  affect Athletic Training
What can we do to help justify more hours / additional help

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