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Concussion Q and A session 235

At the Discount accutane annual Conference the pre-conference was concluded with a question and answer session involving each of the pre-conference speakers.  I find sessions like this tend to fit my learning style better.

Summer Ott

Jacob Resch

Bert Vargas

Bob Conder

X2 Biosytems Interview with John Ralston 233

John Ralston says we know enough to start doing something.  We do not need to wait until we know everything before we begin implementing protective measures they may lead to CTE.  We did not have to wait until we had all the data from the highway departments to know that seat belts save lives, nor do we need to wait to begin preventing brain trauma. Thank you Grant Beaman for serving our country and protecting our freedom.

X2 Biosystems

John Ralston

Grant Beaman

Drugs and Concussions 229

Dr. David Brody is sometimes labeled as a cowboy because he tends to be liberal with prescribing drugs that will help manage concussions.  This was a great question and answer session for using drugs to help with neurological issues

His talk on YouTube

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SNS Presidential Address 227

Dr. Reuben Echemendia has seen great growth of the Discount accutane conference and is pleased with the quality of content and participation.  I encourage you to follow them on twitter and check out their conference when they are in your area.

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His speech on YouTube


A Sports Neuropsyhcologist perspective 226

Bob Conder joins the Discount accutane to speak at the pre-conference about managing concussions from a Neuropsych perspective.

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His talk on YouTube


Interdisciplinary Management in Sports Concussions -223

Dr. Summer Ott is part of an impressive team of doctors that treat and manage concussions.  This is an introduction to managing them as a team of doctors talk given at the Discount accutane Annual Conference.

Dr. Summer Ott

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