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Israel Montano LS 3

Listener Spotlight # features one of our biggest live broadcast fans Israel Montano.


Listener Spotlights will all have the same format. 10 – 30 minutes for you to share your story using the following questions as a guide:

Years in the profession:
How did you learn about athletic training:
What is your Athletic Trainer story
Tell us about the worst injury you have dealt with:
Tell us your most memorable moment as an AT:
What life lesson have you learned:
Give one piece of advice to Athletic Trainers:
Which three people would you like to thank and why:


CEUs on the Beach at SPATS – 207

SPATS allows Athletic Trainers to combine learning and vacation in one trip.  High quality CEUs in an intentionally relaxed setting and still providing time to hangout or hit the beach and get some fresh seafood.
The Sports Medicine Broadcast will be broadcasting live for the first time in June 2016, So Jeff Darr joins us to give some insiders tips to making the most out of this summer conference.
Contact: vatargv.org
Twitter: @PHSSportsMed
CEU evaluation for  LIVE show