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What is WFATT?

The World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy or WFATT exists to ensure access to athletic healthcare is a global phenomenon.

WFATT; World federation Of Athletic Training and Therapy; Glenn Bergeron

The World Federation Mission Statement

The WFATT provides leadership to advance the international interests of its members for the common goal of optimal health care for physically active populations.

Vision Statement

Athletic Training & Therapy will be recognized as an essential part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams worldwide.

About Dr. Glen Bergeron

He started at the University of Manitoba in 1970 with a PE degree and went on to masters of exercise science with a focus on Athletic Training.

Dr. Bergeron was one of the first people to write the certification exam for Canada Athletic Trainers / Therapists

He worked at the University of Winnipeg and again at Manitoba. He later returned to the University of Winnipeg to become their program director.

During those years he has been constantly involved with many different aspects of the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association.

Being involved in WFATT

The World Federation is an “organization of organizations”

If you are a member of one fo the organizations that are currently members, then you can be a part of it too.

Anyone with skills or talents they think may benefit the organization should contact the organization and see how they can help.

WFATT; Glen Bergeron; Jordan IOC

What about the WFATT World Congress?

The World Congress exists to disseminate info and promote the world federation.

The 2019 congress had over 350 attendees in Tokyo Japan.

The focus is to help empower the community to see what effect and impact Athletic Training and Therapy can have on your community. How can it help move the profession forward?

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