AT Poetry – 625

Celebrating National Athletic Training Month with AT Poetry

Athletic Training is a practice routed in science, but like any good practitioner there is art, or maybe AT Poetry, in the way it is performed.

Some people are kind, loving and get nicknamed “Mom” or “Dad”

Athletic Trainers can be are strict, rigid, and efficient.

My student aides call me “Uncle Jack, ” while most athletes call me “Jackson”

So to work on my AT art-form, i wrote a little poem

What is your style?

The personal style of patient-care truly is an art form that should get better over the years.

I am not much into arts and poetry so I figured I could use some help from other ATs in gaining some culture.

Alisha M Pennington, Chad and Kevan from Candid AT, Joel Ludeke of Athletic Trainer Chat, and Ryan Stevens of the cATalyzing Podcast all joined up to read some AT poetry submissions, talk #NATM2020, and catch a small break from the COVID19 pandemic

Ode to AT from Thomas Barkoski

Time to Advocate Far and Near
I'm An Athletic Trainer and This Is My Life
Buckle Up, Cause I Work All Day and All Night
We Start In The Concussion Clinic
And This Will Take A Minute
Tell Me What Happened?
When Did The Symptoms Start?
There's Voms, Sway, Impact, and Some Other Parts
Then Off To The School
Lots To Be Done
Tie Your Shoes, It's Time To Run
Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming, 
Baseball, Track, and softball
Give Me Some Coffee For The Long Haul
Evals, treatments, education
Injury Prevention and documentation
It's All Healthcare
It's What Athletic Trainers Do
Happy National Athletic Training Month
From Me to You

Sarah Baulch and Herd Sports Medicine

Fall in Texas is hot
Spring in Texas is quite cold
One thing that is constant, ATs are on the go
From the football field to the basketball court to running circles on the track
There’s one thing you can count on, ATs will have your back
We can splint your broken elbow, diagnose your concussion too, rehab that sprained ankle and get you back to play
It doesn’t matter what jersey you wear, or what sport you want to play, Athletic trainers truly care, and might just save the day

Megan Mormile

March is a great month for many reasons:
Spring sports, sunshine, it comes with the season.
But for Athletic Trainers it means one thing:
National AT Month is here, and it’s time to sing!
What is an AT, you ask? Don’t know? Let me tell you:
We’re allied health professionals, but I’m not through:
We cover, we watch, we listen, we care
We’re known for taping ankles, but it doesn’t stop there:
We help prevent injuries, in all sorts of ways.
Through preventative rehabs, and keeping up with the craze.
We’re trained in evaluation, assessment, and diagnosis
Of pretty much anything that comes with a prognosis. 
Injury on the field? No worries, don’t fear:
Athletic trainers can handle emergency situations with care.
Rehab? No problem. Modalities? No sweat.
Athletes get care, and are ready to jet. 
Last but not least, the professional part:
ATs handle admin and organization with heart. 
We’re here for your athletes, day in and day out:
Hopefully now, you know of our clout. 
So come check us out, and see what we do:
Ask us some questions, and maybe bring some coffee, too. 

The Haiku by Ryan

Athletic Trainer
Fixes people. 
Rises to the occasion. 
And gets really tired.
And it doesn't show.

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