Collagen Supplementation

Collagen is everywhere right now. It is in coffee and everything, but we need to be more strategic in our implementation. Meredith Sorenson Joins Dr. Yellen to discuss how we can should and should not be using it.

Where is the evidence?

It can help increase the collagen in structures and joints in the body.

A lot of athletes are using it as a preventative measure which is where the most evidence is.

We want to make sure that we are loading the tissue when we are consuming the collagen.

Is it safe?

NSF certification means you get what it says and there are no banned substances.

VitalProteins, SIS, Klean Athlete, Live Momentus

Or you could go to the grocery store and grab some Jello…well gelatin

Glucosamine and joint and bone health.

Collagen is probably the better option.

Bad information is really easy to come by.

Pain Patterns

The studies were measuring subjective pain

Are there biomarkers?

P1NP is a direct biomarker

Dosage of Collagen

15 mg Dosage is probably the minimum

It is a pretty low-risk supplement.

Most of the indicators are in research…we are not going to remove someone's tendon to measure the collagen.

Why would I recommend it?

They have the resources to purchase it

The athlete is actively working in rehab

They are struggling to get enough protein in as is.

More of a need for explosive movements

Possibly more for females to encourage tendon and ligament strength

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