Dental Issues with Drs. Hiner

How do you go about starting a relationship to find a team dentist?

-A lot of AT’s have nobody. 

-Find someone who is available to come after hours and loves it.

-Can cold call offices or Google search. 

-looking for sports dentistry

-Ask other ATs if they know a dentist since the community is small. 

What resources are available to the AT with dental emergencies, especially after hours?

-Cell phone number of the dentist

-Tooth SOS app.

How do you know who to refer to for dental injuries?

-General dentist first, then general dentist can refer to the proper personnel. 

Special consideration for athletes with braces?

-If you have braces, ligaments are already loose and can put you at risk for trauma/injury.

-Mouth guard.

-Mouth guards specifically for braces. And because teeth move they might have to get mouth guards frequently. 

-Custom has more compliance than boil and bite. 

-Can get a custom mouthguard to go over Invisalign. 

-See more soft tissue trauma

How have patients felt with mouth guard around braces?

-Tough sell because nobody wants to wear a mouthguard at that age. 

What would you like the AT to do to help with the referral process?

-Send pictures.

-Backstory is nice to know


-Don’t need past dental records

Team dentist be utilized for PPE’s?

-Have the athletes come in groups.

-Visual exam 

-Oral cancer screening

-cavities/wisdom teeth

-Get scans for mouthpieces. 

-Able for the athletes to ask random questions

-Establish a dental home, especially for college students who move away from home. 

-Dentist can give a card

Fun stories

-Mowing lawn and trying to tie a string and it took the tooth. 

The little girl had her silver cap come off and there was a Jolly Rancher glued to it. 

-Kids are very resilient and heal a lot quicker than adults. 

Action Item: What should an AT have in their bag?

-gloves, gauze, light

-Guidelines on what to do when it happens. 

Cheat Sheet

-Cell phone number of the dentist, 

– Tooth SOS app

– Save a tooth solution

– Spit in a cup

– Do not put the tooth in water

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